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It's been a while since I've really been active on forums but I've been wanting to keep track of this new build as it progresses. I'm a long-time VW addict and probably most known for my Mk6 GTI that I've had for the past 7 years, but I've also owned a 2005 Jetta, 2008 Eos, and 2004 Passat wagon.

I'm from Southern California but have called Denver home for the past 5 years. I'm also a sales manager for Motul (by no accident) and tend to travel and attend shows throughout the southwest, so this little wagon will hopefully have a lot of road trips in its future.

As it currently sits:

And my GTI which I just parted out and sold:

Mod list:
OEM Votex front lip
OEM Golf R side skirts
OEM Golf R black mirror caps
OEM Golf R Variant rear window spoilers
OEM GTI Steering Wheel (not yet installed, awaiting an airbag)
OEM Power Folding Side Mirrors with Puddle Lights
OEM European Blind Spot (Aspherical) Side Mirrors
OEM Auto-Dimming Homelink rearview mirror with compass
OEM Audi TDI Clean Diesel license plate frame
OEM Porsche 986 Boxster fixed 4-pot front calipers, powdercoated gloss black
Stoptech Stainless Steel Braided brake lines, brake pads and slotted rotors front (upgraded to 312mm) & rear
Kerma TDI Stage 1 ECU tune
Kerma TDI DSG tune
Michelin A/S 3+ 225/35ZR19 Ultra High Performance All-Season tires
Neuspeed RSe142 19x9+40 wheels in Gloss Bronze
Neuspeed P-Flo air intake
Neuspeed TDI Turbo Discharge Pipe
Neuspeed Rear Torsion Bar
P3 Cars V3 OBD2 Vent Gauge
Philips H11 XtremeUltinon LED Fog Lights
Philips H7 DiamondVision cornering light bulbs
H&R Street Performance Coilovers
BFI Control Arms with Solid Rubber Bushings
Badgeskins headlight amber delete (half), passenger airbag light overlay & head unit power button blackout
DeAutoLED trunk, glovebox & turn signal LEDs
BlackVue DR900S 4K UHD dashcam, hardwired with Power Magic Pro
Covercraft UVS100 Suncreen
SunTek CXP Series tint, 90% on windshield & 20% on side and rear windows
Thule WingBar Evo roof rack with ProRide XT bike carrier

5/21/18: New, completely stock, and just delivered from a Chicago buyback lot

1/31/20: Lowered on Emmanuel Design (EMD Auto) springs with stock dampers

3/18/20: OEM Votex lip and Golf R skirts installed

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Nice! About how much do you think it was to get a Golf R front bumper setup? I'm really interested in doing this for my TDI. :laugh:

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good looking wagon op :beer:
Thank you! Long roofs are life :cool:

You might be able to get by driving that without fear of ripping out the underside
The wagon? I haven't been driving it except to get alignments due to the quarantine lately, so I may end up raising the car a little over time to make it more functional. That said I'm no stranger to driving lowered cars and keeping them nice.


Looks great / clean.

Thanks for adding us to your build. Following for updates. :thumbup:
My pleasure, thank you. And thanks for your continued support of each platform and the community!

Nice! About how much do you think it was to get a Golf R front bumper setup? I'm really interested in doing this for my TDI. :laugh:
I certainly have, but also considering a GTI front bumper to convert the car to a proper european GTD. I really want the Golf R variant rear bumper, or something that will accentuate the rear end. It still looks like a school teacher's station wagon from the back lol

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12/12/19: I drove the car in stock form for about a year and a half, then started modding with an engine and DSG tune from Kerma TDI

4/10/20: I was in the process of parting out my GTI at this point so started buying up parts for the TDI. Suspension was my first priority and I sorted the stance with a set of H&R Street coilovers. They ride like butter but at the unfortunate expense of riding extra low due to the lack of camber adjustments on the car. I'm running Neuspeed's RSe142 flow formed wheels in 19x9+40 and a 225/35R19 tire is the smallest I could find or would want to run.

At the same time added new front LCA’s with solid rubber bushings from Black Forest Industries, and an intake, turbo discharge pipe, and rear torsion bar from Neuspeed. I'm sure I'll eventually add their front sway bar and adjustable end links. It seemed like a good time for a full fluid flush, too. Motul X-clean+ (504/507), Multi DCTF, Inugel G13, and will be running RBF 600 once the brake upgrades go on next month.


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I haven’t posted in here in a while which I guess defeats the point of a build thread, but I’ve been buying parts and getting ready to bag the car so I’ll try to start updating regularly.

I’m a big geek for OEM+ stuff so here’s a list of most the things I’ve added in the last couple months:

-OEM Golf R Variant rear spoilers (from e-Accra)
-OEM Golf R black mirror caps
-OEM power folding (and aspherical) mirrors
-OEM Auto-Dimming Homelink rearview mirror
-OEM GTD front grille
-OEM 18” Nogaro wheels (from the GTD in Europe and ‘17 Sport GTIs stateside)
-OEM Porsche Brembo (986 Boxster) fixed 4-pot front brake calipers (powder coated these and the stock rear calipers gloss black)
-Stoptech front slotted rotors (upgraded to 340mm) & rear, Street brake pads & stainless steel braided lines

I also recently added the Thule racks and performed a mufflerectomy while welding on new stainless tips. A GTI steering wheel is waiting to go on as soon as I buy a new airbag for it and I’d love to convert the front end to a Mk7 GTI bumper but I’m keeping my eye out for a used one.
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