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max bore?

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I have a stock 1.8L 16v, and I wanted to increase the displacement. And I was wondering if it would be alot cheaper to just bore out the cylinders as much as safley possible and leave the stroke the same so I don't have to spend money on a new crank. But how much can I increase the bore by. Could I get it up to a 1.9L? Also if I were to rip apart the whole engine would it just be more worthwhile to also change the stroke?
88 gti 16v
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Re: max bore? (dane16v)

dont stroke. 1.9l would be a 83mm piston. techtonics sells them for a 1.8 16v. VWMS has 84.5 in 2liters. they say that is max.
Re: max bore? (TommyC83)

84.5mm for 2L is the MAX
if your engine EVER needs machine work...it's garbage. the most i would go to is 84mm.
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