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Maximum size FMIC

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After speeding way to much time measuring and calculating angles and paths, here is what I believe is the largest FMIC you can put in an A/C C. I will be having an IC made to this spec, and will then post photos. All hoses enter and exit from the paths provided by the removal of the OEM IC. An interesting note to those who don't think it will make much of a difference, here is a frontal area comparison:
W H Sq In. X the OEM
New Grill Only 20 5 100 8.33
Add Bumper 17 5 185 15.42
OEM 6 2 12
The OEM one only has 12 sq inches of inlet! Sure the IC is bigger, but the ducting scoop is rather poor. With no bumper modifications, using only the normal grill area, you will get 100 sq inches of area, 8.3 times that of OEM. Open up the bumper, and you add another 85 sq inches (or so). I personally don't plan on cutting the bumper, but plan on getting more air from below with a large splitter. Here is the IC diagram:
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Re: Maximum size FMIC (hallkbrd)

What about lucky me who don't have AC, can I fit an even bigger one in there!?
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Re: Maximum size FMIC (CorradoFANATIC)

Not much bigger, only by about 2-3 inches (wide). You could use a double thick one, however (4"). Once I get it in, I will add up the total costs for the kit.
Re: Maximum size FMIC (hallkbrd)

just a tought: i'm in the planning stage of my fmic with a audi 5000 core, i was gonna do similar inlet and outlet as you but was thinking of putting the pipes trough the slanted metal piece that go to the bottom of bumper/over spoiler by cutting to holes of approx 3.5 inches. i'd be using a elbow from the blower and put it in off center toward the drivers' side. pby have to modify/relocate the power steering cooling(!!!) piping that runs there. i want to do this and have little money to spend it on.
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