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Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix people, I need some help.

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This is a little off topic, but I need to find a good place to have my alarm fixed or replaced. I think it crapped out on me. It wont arm, but when my doors are open for too long it gives me three loud churps that are annoying as hell. Its done it ever since I've had the car, just been too lazy to change. Any help appreciated. Oh ya, it's a Code Alarm.
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Re: Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix people, I need some help. (sloppychicken)

I've had the best luck at a place called "A Better Tint & Alarm". They are on Southern and Mesa Drive and are really cool and super honest. I had them install one alarm and re-wire another within the past year and they do good work. Not sure of their phone number but they're in the book.
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