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Metallic floormats?

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Has anyone installed these metallic type floormats in their 337 yet? http://www.legend5.com has them for $199 a pair. The main reason I want them is because the original mats are kind of thin and will wear out pretty soon. It looks like the metallic ones never wear out...
Any opinions? There is a pic here
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Re: Metallic floormats? (moazam)

There is an old thread about this, but I'll give you the opinion I ventured on the other thread: Diamond plate is for pickup trucks with gun racks driven by ********.
If this is the look you're after, go for it!
There are a ton of floor mat options for the 337 without going for these things.

Personally, "saving" the original floor mats so the next owner can enjoy them seems bass-ackwards to me. If I really cared about the original floor mats, I'd buy a couple sets, or would throw monsters over them in bad weather.
But then I believe cars are to be driven in daily life, enjoyed, used, and replaced.
- Mark
Re: Metallic floormats? (markjenn)

Wow. I never knew it was a ******* thing, but you know, I might have seen em in some pickup trucks while driving through central Florida. So, I guess with no offense to the Ocala residents, I'll probably stick with the regular floor mats and just replace them with similiar ones when they wear out.
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