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MFA Boost Check

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I heard that there was a way to check the boost using the MFA. I did a search on it and found some posts talking about it.
I just can't find anything on how to actually do it.
Any tips?
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Re: MFA Boost Check (Hijinx)

corrado club website has a FAQ on doing this.
good luck! remember to measure the peak boost in 3rd/4th gear, preferably on an open road where you can safely
exceed the speed limit.
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Re: MFA Boost Check (Hijinx)

Here's how I used to do it: Put switch in position 2, while driving in gear, let off the gas. Hold in the MFA button and switch the ignition off and back on then release the button. Press the button once and it will display the boost. There are 2 different conversions depending on the cluster you have.
148 or 1000 0 psi (atmosphere pressure)
211 or 1600 8.7 psi
228 or 1800 11.6 psi
242 or 2000 14.5 psi
255 or 2200 17.4 psi
172=2.9 psi
192=5.8 psi
211=8.7 psi
228=11.6 psi
242=14.5 psi
(edit) http://www.corrado-club.com/faq/detail_faq.CFM?FAQID=88 that's the write up on the CCA site. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: MFA Boost Check (LysholmG60)

So, for a totally stock '90 Corrado, which conversion should I use?
Re: MFA Boost Check (Hijinx)

I'm not sure which one's came with what cluster. You'll know as soon as you do it, the #'s don't overlap at all. Mine has the lower numbers, I have no idea what that scale is based on.
The other scale is metric, 1000=0 bar(atmosphere), 2000= 1 bar boost.

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Re: MFA Boost Check (Hijinx)

You don't need to have the car running to do the test. Just turn the key on and hold down the MFA button and while holding it turn off the key and turn it back on and start the car. You will be in the diagnostic mode. There is other info there too, like RPM and instantanious MPG, cool to watch whild driving.
Let me know what your car reads. Mine is stock and reads as high as 241. Hard to believe my C makes that much boost in stock 160K mi. trim.
Re: MFA Boost Check (thetatau87)

Ok, Well, I just went out and tried it again. (Did it last night too)
I can get in what I think is diagnostics mode, but, none of the numbers change in any of the feilds. what am I doing wrong?
Re: MFA Boost Check (Hijinx)

Make sure that you have the MFA set to position 2. All the displays in position 1 are static. You can switch between the two while in diagnostic mode.
Re: MFA Boost Check (thetatau87)

once u are in diag mode u want to be in setting 2 and have the little clock symbol displayed to read boost. by the way i have a 90 and use the second set of tables
Re: MFA Boost Check (gti1497)

ok, well, i do everything right, but it is only showing 1 as the number for my boost. i just assume all in all it is a prob with the mfa bc it dont read the proper mpg etc in it in normal mode. oh well, ill just wait for my boost gauge
Re: MFA Boost Check (vdubin90)

can i do this in my drivway. i can't drive the car but the engine runs?
Re: MFA Boost Check (dwx4)

dwx4 You need to drive the car to put a load on the engine. Otherwise all the boost will get re-routed back to the charger and the MFA will read vacuum. WOT in 3rd gear at high rpm is where you should see max boost. 4th gear too if you can find some place to safely open it up to that speed.
Re: MFA Boost Check (vdubin90)

Vdubin90...If your haing a problem with the MFA, I've heard some are vacuum line probs behind the cluster. Check there? Im not totaly sure. Haven't wired up the MFA yet.
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