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Re: Might bew getting a 2000 Jetta GLX VR6, what kind of power potenital is there? (donmoses)

quote:[HR][/HR]. People have spend $3500 on chip intake coilovers and tires only to run 14.4-14.6. [HR][/HR]​
Like coilovers are neccessary. people have also spent $500 on an exhaust and $300 on a chip and ran 14.9's as well. $500 cams will net mid 14s. So it wont run 13s without more work. Oh well. Most people cant drive worth a damn anyway, the VR6 beats plenty of faster cars all the time cause you got to catch it after it holeshots you to beat it. Easier said then done from stoplight to stoplight which is where the VR6 is great, not the racetrack.
Even if you did that youll get 200 crank hp and will never get close to 245ft torque. [HR][/HR]​
He drove a honda, like torque matters to him. It already puts 181ft lbs stock which will feel like a locomotive to an ex civic driver. By rev happy honda standards both engines will feel out of breath up top (yes even your K03 has no top end pull by turbo standards. I know I have another car with a T3/T4. It doesn't even produce 3lbs of boost where the K03s peak torque starts. HP graphs prove it too, they look like this - instead of this / up top). Dont get me wrong. the 1.8T is great and has more potential than the VR6 as do all factory turbo engines. I wanted it myself but couldn't find a 5sp version. You just need to get off your high horse. Raise the boost on a DSM, MR2 or WRX turbo and they outperform the K03, its too small to breath. The already tiny T25 on a 2G DSM is considered an upgrade from a K03. A 13sec DSM or MR2 is still considered not fast.
Do yourself a favor and get a 1.8t. [HR][/HR]​
What part of he cant get a 1.8T did you not hear the last three times he said it. Classic VR6 hater you and from a fellow dubber makes it worse. There are plenty of reasons to get a VR6. There really isn't any peformance reasons except the challenge of making it fast but if a 14 sec car is all one desires a VR6 will do cheaply, with low maintenence and V6 refinement.
Why is it that no one looks twice when a Honda owner builds a 13sec NA street 1.6 or 1.8 but think nothing can be done to make a VR6 fast. Few people ever even take off the head of a VR6. Who says the easiest and cheapest route should always be taken to go fast anyway.
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