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Re: Might bew getting a 2000 Jetta GLX VR6, what kind of power potenital is there? (ChaserGLX)

I spent 3 days in a 1.8T and decided and was very happy about my decision to buy a VR6. I did however buy a 2002 with the 201hp 6. This engine is beautiful but, I am having trouble finding mods for it at a decent price. I agree with the goal of 230hp. I want the same thing but it will take a combination of many small tweaks (chip, intake, exaust, small top end differences and other such) or one big SC/TC kick in the butt.
Ask yourself;
How much can i spend on mods?
How soon do i want results?
How long do i want my engine to last?
How did this lint get between my toes?
Aparently you have some time to find what you need. Just be patient and work up to your goal. Get a solid top end, THEN look at boosting it.
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