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Might buy '92 S4... need help!

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Hey guys,
I'm currently looking at a 1992 S4 which has the 227hp 5 cylinder turbo. It has just over 100k on it so I'm wondering what I should watch out for/listen for when I go to test drive the car tomorrow...... coupla' questions too...
1) How long should/can I expect the turbo to last on this car? What's the typical repair cost on these?
2) If no one knows much about these previous generation S4's... where on the web or in print can I find more technical info...?
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Re: Might buy '92 S4... need help! (audiness)

Excellent answers, thanks guys....
Thanks Mhyrr for the website info!
Speaking of replacing the turbo on these things.. anyone know what the average cost is?
Thanks again!
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