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might buy a 95 glx part 2

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so, i need to get something soon. this one runs very well, pulled hard to redline, no smoke, front windows worked (didnt try the rears), but its not perfect. here are the probs:
loud belt noise
missing rear headrests (hard to get?)
broken center console cover (ditto)
mfa didnt work until about 10 mins into the drive
breather hose to airbox not connected (broken) at airbox
the guy said that he will fix any problems with the car, which i take to mean mechanical probs. aside from the listed problems, it seems pretty nice for a 90k mile car. i was thinking of taking the car to a shop myself and getting one of those used car check things done for $50, then have the seller fix whatever problems it may have. it sounds like it just needs a new belt, but maybe not.
he is asking $6950, and i was thinking of offering 6600 for the fixed car, meeting around 6750-6800.
does this sound good?

the car:
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Re: might buy a 95 glx part 2 (Samson)

ya sure ... if you are positive nothing is wrong internally... and he fixes all the things that are wrong.. it sounds like a good deal.. ask about him the window regulators and moonroof.make sure everyyyything works. etc.. sounds like a keeper
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Re: might buy a 95 glx part 2 (STEALTHDEMONDUB)

nice car man. i just picked one up that looks exactly like that. I paid 7950 but it has 63,000 miles on it and is in really good shape. there are a few little cosmetic problems but thats all.
I would say offer him 6500 and buy that fast car, better be a 5spd though
Re: might buy a 95 glx part 2 (28)

yea, its a 5 speed. there was a 94 up in chicago that i was going to get instead, but it turned out to be an auto.
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