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Thanks! :beer:
Yes, I do have a few more things planned. Nothing too crazy.

In the near future...
Tint - looking into ceramic, probably 35% (all around)
Wheels - Neuspeed RSe12 18x8 ET45 in Hyper Black (these are already ordered, but on backorder)
Blue tinted aspherical mirrors - Already have a set from ECS, just need to install them
Remaining LEDs from DeAutoKey (still have to install the new front turn signals, reverse, and tails)
Osram cornering bulbs (same ones Roger2050 has, they are in the garage waiting to be installed)

In the more distant future (maybe next year) I will do an intake and exhaust (either VWR R600 or APR intake, and Remus catback exhaust).
Golf R LED Tails will also happen at some point.
I will keep it stage 1 until the warranty expires (this is plenty of power for me at this point in my life).
After that, I will go Stage 2. I just don't want the hassle of having to remove a downpipe to go back in for warranty work if needed.

Thank you - we appreciate you choosing us for your LEDs.

We are sub'ed, we like the mods and the car looks clean.
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