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Milage going down a bit, smell gas after running, could that be caused by REALLY old wires?

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Like the topic says.
I imagine my wires are original since the dealer told me he could count on his hand how many 16v wires he's sold in the last decade. I also have
and going strong!
Symptoms: used to get 650km+ a tank, now looking at 500km+, smell of gas after engine running, seems to come from the fuel distributor, sometimes doesn't want to start ,but always does after second crank, and is really hesitant when you step on it, but once its at 2000 RPM she goes good.
I have recently replaced the cork gasket between the mass air flow sensor/fuel distributor and the airbox lid and noticed that the lid is warped!!
I think because that clip that holds down the lid was pulling to hard! Maybe I can get a pic this weekend to show what I mean, but its the front side of the lid, right hand side. Anyone else ever seen this? I think I have stopped the leak that existed there with the new cork gasket though.

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Re: Milage going down a bit, smell gas after running

OK, no posts yet, but a few viewers.
I don't need to be told that I need new wires, I hope it didn't appear I was asking if I did.
I want to know if these symptoms are a cause of bad wires, or should I look/expect other problems after I replace the wires.
That warped airbox lid throws me too! Nobody has ever had that on theirs?
Re: Milage going down a bit, smell gas after running (Action Jackson)

Hmmm.. can't remember exactly how your's is setup with CIS and all... but on mine with the Digifant injection, there's a bunch of fuel lines and return line all over the engine... If you remember my post about vacuums, I mentionned I had redone the injection system... I too had a slight gas smell coming through the vents... So I changed all the fuel lines and injector o-rings... I also changed all the hose clamps and made sure all the connections were secure and well sealed... no more problems!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Milage going down a bit, smell gas after running (G60syncro)

OK, well this spring my project is to redo many hoses, maybe that will help.
But one thing, I do not smell the gas in the car! only outside! Thank the lord
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