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Listed is a new Milltek HFC, never been mounted or used in any way. Please do a little research before sending me an offer, these are more expensive than other HFCs. Website description below..

Milltek Hi-flow Cat
Your original catalytic converter will typically have 400 or 600 cells per square inch (cpsi), these original cats are restrictive in their flow, typically allowing an open area of around 55-65%.

A Milltek Sport Hi-flow Sports Cat which will be fully integrated into a large bore downpipe, has only 100-200 cpsi depending on application. These cats have an open area of between 75-85%, thus reducing back pressure substantially and increasing flow rates, all very desirable for extracting more performance, especially on turbocharged engines. Emission levels are maintained at legal limits by careful selection of the volume of the metallic substrate. Lamda probe positions remain unchanged from the original equipment.

Milltek Sport Hi-flow Sports Cats work exceptionally well on re-mapped engines.

Made in England

Looking for a quick resonable sale, shoot me a PM and I'll email over pictures.
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