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quote:[HR][/HR]MINI Cooper: New Models
The John Cooper Works MINI Cooper produces 132 bhp thanks to a replacement high-compression gas-flowed cylinder head and new free-flow intake and exhaust systems. The modification has been developed by John Cooper Works Ltd, long-time suppliers of upgrades for Minis and of course, the company formed by the man responsible for the development of the original Mini Cooper.
These mods take the MINI Cooper's torque output up to 119 lb ft/162 Nm at 5000 rpm, and mean that it can now accelerate from 0-60 mph in 8.7 seconds. Its fuel consumption is 42.2 mpg and its carbon dioxide output 163 g/km. The John Cooper Works conversion takes the team six hours to complete, and the JCW cars can be distinguished by special badging, trim parts and a new exhaust finisher, as well as a special engine bay plate with unique number. The conversion costs £1,750 plus VAT and fitting, and JCW-developed suspension and brake upgrades, alloy wheels and body kits are also offered.
Michael Cooper, son of John Cooper and Chairman of John Cooper Garages Ltd, said: "My father was very proud that BMW chose to apply the Cooper name to the performance versions of the new MINI, but at the same time, he was determined to continue providing special tuning parts for the Classic Mini. His involvement with BMW's development of the new MINI from the beginning of the project also fuelled his interest in providing engine conversion kits for the new car. Following his death late last year, I was equally determined to introduce the 'Works', but wanted to take the idea even further. We will therefore soon be announcing the availability of 'privateer' road/race cars and the John Cooper Challenge, a race series which I will dedicate to his lasting memory."
JCW are also developing an upgrade package for the forthcoming supercharged MINI Cooper S, which will lift its power output to around 200 bhp from 165 bhp. More details on this, and the JCW Club Sport car, will be released at a later date. The JCW cars are sold direct from the company HQ at East Preston, near Worthing, West Sussex; full contact and sales details are available at www.johncooper.co.uk
Come back to 4car early next week for a road- and track-test report on the JCW MINI Cooper.[HR][/HR]​
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