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Mintax or Ferodo?

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Which pads are better in terms or performance, wear, dust, etc...
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Re: Mintax or Ferodo? (stl4310)

Ferodo for all-out performance, Mintex for longer life and less dust. If you drive hard, a set of Ferodo DS2000s in the front are amazing. Get the standard street Ferodos in the rear. The DS2000s perform better the hotter you get them, which is rare for a non-track pad. They wear faster than most, as is evidenced by the copious amounts of dust they spew. But hey, if you want the best, there's always a compromise.
Re: Mintax or Ferodo? (Doug Brekke)

I agree 100% with Doug. Right now, I am running Ferodo pads with Wilwood 4 piston calipers, 11" Brembo rotors, and stainless lines, and I can honestly say it's the best 11" setup I could ever wish for, it's powerful enough to make stopping almost as much fun as going!

And yes, I can wash my car and not 5 mins later the front wheels are noticably darker than the rears
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Re: Mintax or Ferodo? (LostBoyScout)

Werd. I used to try to get on my brakes as little and lightly as possible driving to shows to avoid blackening my Abt A9s. It never worked. But in the canyons, the Ferodos worked wonders. I'd buy them again for my 1.8T, no question. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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