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Hey guys, i have a 2010 VW Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0T 6 speed manual, and i have a cylinder 3 misfire. Misfire is much more predominant and aggressive when the car is cold. The car does not misifre when the engine is under load (car is moving in gear) or when i am pushing boost. When the car gets to operating temperature, it seems to tame the misfire slightly.
I replaced spark plugs and coils about 5000 miles ago and i have already swapped and checked those, and the misfire did not follow.
The car has 99,800 miles on it and as far as i am aware (being the second owner) it hasn't had fuel injectors replaced.
I have not done a compression test. If i had a compression issue in cyl. 3, i believe i would feel a harder misfire under boost and load and it would show as a solid misfire, not intermittent.
Does anyone have any ideas on anything i can check, or have had any similar issues with their car?
i have a sneaking suspicion that it could be a fuel injector, but i don't want to remove my intake manifold to check them if i can rule that out as a possibility.
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