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Need some help to diagnose.

Checked the forums and FAQs without a good answer. 2000 Golf 1.8 113K miles

This is what has happened.

1. Started to misfire on #1
2. Read on the forums that replacing the plugs and coils is a common fix and sounded good with being 100K+ miles. Replaced with parts for ECS Tuning.
3. Worked great for about 5 days with about 130-150 miles of driving. Now misfiring on #1 again.
4. Swapped coils #1 and #2 (both new, but hey maybe got a bad one) still a misfire on #1.
5. Checked coil wiring seems OK.

Also, about 3 months previous had a too lean code. Shop replaced some vacuum lines and valves. Didn't help, but replaced the MAF and it worked. Ran great until the misfire started.

Any suggestions?
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