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From the looks of it, this question has been asked a thousand different ways. But nothing sounded like it accurately applied here, so I'll just ask for general ideas and insight.

I picked up an 06 Cabrio 1.8T from a guy who said it just needed new keys.

I assumed there would be more things wrong with it if/when I ever got it to start, but at the low ask, I figured I'd roll the dice.

My mech did some work and finally got it to turn over, only to run into the immobilizer code and said it was a dead end (for him at least). Told me to take it to the dealer.

So I paid for them to do a key reprogram, to no avail. Looks like there's been a whole ignition swap and rekey attempt and perhaps none of it worked. The keys appear aftermarket and the immo won't let it start up.

Vehicle is at Audi and would need to be towed anywhere.

Should I try again with new factory keys? Is the immobilizer something that can be removed if I just bring the car back?

How many cars have been reduced to parts because of this little tiny gatekeeper?
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