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Mismatching tire brands- BAD?

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Here's my problem. I developed a bubble on one of my Pirelli P7000 Super Sports. Anyway long story short, I'm broke so I decided to go used. Unfortunately I couldn't find any P7000's in the correct size at the local used tire place so I wound up picking up a Michelin Pilot Sport instead.
Now my question is, what are the consequences of using mismatched tires like this? All the tires are the exact same size, Z-rated, and have pretty much the same amount of tread left. Thanks a lot.

[Modified by Jay24, 10:10 PM 12-6-2001]
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Re: Mismatching tire brands- BAD? (Jay24)

Re: Mismatching tire brands- BAD? (Jay24)

bad. u have differnt traction on each tire...
Re: Mismatching tire brands- BAD? (Jay24)

Years back I had this happen with my Supra Turbo . Crappy stock [Dunlop]tire decides to disintegrate on the hwy with less than 1000k on it. Great guys at tire shop says that not only with Dunlop pro-rate the tire but since its OEM its freaking expensive and for $5 more I can get a Dunlop SP8000 [ back when the had just come out]
The tire that blew was one of the rears. First thing I noticed was in the wet one tire would never break loose on acceleration... it was the SP 8000
Besides that I didn't notice much. You'll be fine
Re: Mismatching tire brands- BAD? (Lexi)

Great info. Exactly what I wanted to hear too.
Thanks a lot.
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