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Hey guys,
I don't know whats going on. It's not a constant thing, but once in a while, when I floor my car, it starts to missfire, and it sounds like a machine gun. The colder the car, the better it works, but as it warms up it start to boggle when I give it gas...especially when I floor it. It did it once in a while, but tonight, every time I gave it gas, it would missfire and sound like a machine gun....
I've thought of a few reasons as to why this may be happening, but I'm not sure...
I was thinking it could be a bad 02 sensor, seeing how mine is very old.
Another thing I was thinking of is the engine mount. I know I need a new one, but maybe with the engine shaking, that could cause the problem.
I recently gave it a tune up about 8 months ago, so I dont think that could cause the problem..
And another question; could the K&N intake have anything to do with this?

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