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I'm cleaning my shed if you have a project car that fits description of vehicle below and can use any of these parts let me know I'm feeling charitable. Message me!
MK I - 2 dr Rabbit Cabby Parts
Left rear 1/4 inner fender well and patch panels, Grill,Wheel well moldings.
MK III Parts
Golf Euro Hatch, Jetta Hood, Golf sunroof.
Wheels and Tires Mercedes full face 5x112 et 25, adapters from 4x100 to 5x112, 4 165/50r 15.
Plant Road surface Automotive tire Grass Asphalt
Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Grass family Groundcover
Goggles Guitar accessory Rim Musical instrument Auto part
Car Vehicle registration plate Grille Automotive lighting Vehicle
Wood Line Gas Tints and shades Rectangle
Window Door Fixture Wood Gas
Crankset Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle
Bicycle part Rim Nickel Gear Bicycle drivetrain part
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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