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MK1 16v conversiopn help. Electrical

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Where to mount the computers in MK1 16V Conversion

I am trying to mount the 2 computers in the rain tray area and route the thick cable into the engine bay. There is a hole in the bottom of the drip tray area allready but intended for just drainige I think because there used to be a rubber collapsable grommet there. It points down very near the corner (strut) and has a match on the otherside. (passenger) It looks like there is a round knock-out stamped in the sheet metal facing forward allready that is very similar to the one in the 16v car. Is this supposed to be a hint for us converters? How about a hint or two on the best places to mount these 2 computer boxes. Looks pretty cramped in there. I am surfing for a picture, but most engine pics are from the front with a poor view of this area. A pic would be worth 1000 words on this.
Thanks for any advice here.

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Re: MK1 16v conversiopn help. Electrical (Indiana Red)

Either enlargen the existing one slightly, and or drill another. Don't use the drain holes. you'll drown your harness/ECU,ruin your carpets and fusebox. drill a hole in a location so that the harness is not bending against it's normal curve. You want the ECU on the driver's side.
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