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Howdy y'all! I've mostly been a lurker till now, but I officially need help, and any is appreciated!

I've got my '80 Rabbit Pickup Diesel, with the 4 speed not the 5. Now, issue being I lost my clutch pedal! It goes straight to the floor and does not return. This happened about 2-3 months ago, however I'm only now able to do the work to it as my buddy was not able to do it, due to an injury. I also recall having no clutch at all, and limped it home floating gears, thankfully I had all green lights before getting on the freeway! That was great!

Now! I've completely removed the transmission and replaced all clutch related components except the finger (verified no cracks, good!), the push rod (looks newly replaced, not worn out) the finger return spring (possible culprit, looks possibly bent out of shape?) flywheel (no issues, looks possibly replaced already) and the clutch arm itself that the cable attaches to (no issues.)

Total parts replaced; Pressure plate and bolts, clutch, flywheel to pressure plate bolts, thrust plate and spring, throwout bearing, the TOB sleeve, clutch cable, cable grommet and clip, but not the clutch cable grommet itself. Whole clutch kit. Though, it looked like the work had been done recently except the TOB and sleeve - the clutch etc were all Sachs and looked relatively new - worn, as I'd been driving it, but new. I haven't finished yet, but I'm also replacing the CV triple square bolts and safety bars, because I know they have to be done.

I believe it may be not returning due to the spring, I think it's damaged and I'm not 100% sure that how I have it in there is how it's supposed to go in, as it seems the 4 speeds are hard to find good info for, most people report on the 5 speeds, and unfortunately this area seems vastly different between the two. The spring seems a bit bent on one side. I put it in how the workshop manual says, and that seemed more correct, however the spring gave in and flew off how it was, scraping the top of the area and even throwing a spark! I'm guessing I need a new spring, or I have it in there wrong. If someone could help me out and provide a picture of how it should be in, and where I can get a replacement spring, I would genuinely appreciate it! I would think this would be easier, but I guess that's what I get for having a 4 speed!
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