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I'm offering for sale some custom-made protective panels that fit in the driver and passenger footwells that hide the fuse panel and OXS control unit, respectively. These are designed for perfect fit with custom mount points and included brackets that attach to the knee bar and firewall studs. To my knowledge, neither side is available from VW or the aftermarket and these panels are often missing from cars of this age because of their fragility and placement. Each is designed from sturdy 1/8-inch Masonite board and includes permanent brackets and required mounting hardware. They can be painted your choice of color upon request. See pictures below for loose and mounted installation. Only modification necessary is to drill 3 holes for the driver side (2 in the knee bar, and one in the gas pedal bracket), and 2 for the passenger side. Each panel comes pre-drilled so marking and drilling is simple. They look terrific installed and are actually better than what VW provides.

Driver side loose
Driver side installed
Passenger side loose
Passenger side installed

If there is any interest in these, please send me a private message.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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