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vw pickup tails, have talk lights as well. 80per set
mk1 ebrake handle with cable nuts and the cross piece. 50
late mk1 dash, real good shape. 200- bare dash 300 with bezel, glovebox and heater controls/pocket
early mk1 round light centers

mk1 rabbit hood, no dents or warps, few small surface rust spots $150
late mk1 cluster $50
early mk1 cluster and bezel $75
early mk1 black glovebox, no broken prices. 50
red ashtray, without ashtray ;) $10
mk1 ignition assembly with key, black stalks. 40 (also have other color stalks: black red beige light blue.)
$20 per wiper/turns stalk set. 10 individual
red dash heater vents, nothing broken. 30
one red mk1 handle, passenger side 10
pair of front pickup/rabbit red seat belts (seat side receiver included but now shown) 75

Rubber late mk1 ebrake covers 30 unless otherwise noted
Light blue cover 50
Tan cover 40
Early black and later rubber black 50
Will be adding more mk1 parts later.

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