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So as I've been digging up info about front and rear LSDs it seems like the two to get are the Wavetrac and Peloquin. The Wavetrac seems to have a slight edge because of the ability to drive only one front or rear wheel, so its better for weird surfaces, low grip, etc. However, that characteristic and reviews also make it seem more aggressive, whereas the Peloquin is a bit more passive in operation (and doesn't like low/no grip).

I'm trying to get my BT build going and the 152k 02M could definitely use a rebuild along with everything, might as well finally do the diff. I've been running a Haldex Blue and 19mm rear sway for over a decade, its quite neutral but figure a torquey 2.1 would benefit from both. I thought about the front first since its more difficult and I could compare before/after with the rear, but if everything is apart its silly to do the same work twice.

So, how do the differences in diff behavior between the Peloquin and Wavetrac affect if they should go in the front or rear? It seems like the less-aggressive Peloquin should go in front to reduce understeer while the Wavetrac goes in back, right?
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