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Re: Mk2 Heated Windsheild Washers? (lucaq)

What kind of windshield washer fluid do you guys have??? We in Bloody-cold-livin'-in-igloo-Canada get the fluid that good till -45C... that converts to aboot -50F... Plenty cold eh??
Seriously, I should consider an export business if that's unavailable in the US

Oh and on My Jetta I did the heated washer nozzle thing... grabbed them from a Passat in the junkyard. You'll have to file out the mounting holes a bit, 'cause they need to be bigger. And I wired it with my defrost switch because I did'nt have heated mirrors on mine (This was my diesel POS Jetta that barely ran let alone have any convenience features!!)
Now if you want the ultimate, you need to get the heated seat mod... that's the only thing keeping me from swapping mine for sportier seats with better support... Mine heat me butt in the winter, and keep me happy while it's cold out there!!
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