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Re: Mk2 Heated Windsheild Washers? (duff_man2000)

Hey hey hey....Being in Minnesota-- You may be onto something here... What Passat did you have that they were on? Like parz said, they should be fairly simple to connect to the rear window de-frogger...
Is there anything you could wrap around either the tank or the hoses that would use very little power to warm them? It wouldn't have to get much more than 32d, just to keep the stuff from freezing.... Like one of those massage things filled with gel that warms up in the microwave...Heat it up, take it out and wrap it around your washer tank when you get home, it should stay warm enough overnight to keep it from freezing... Or those 'Insta-Heat' glove insert things...Hmmmmmm
You guys that have block heaters-- Does that stay warm enough to keep the whole engine bay warm? Or just the oil and such....
Sorry so long, brainstorming, and you never know when you someone will grab an idea and run with it
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