Going to start parting this out at the yard.
I will take requests and make a list of what is needed.

I dont need anyhing personally off this car but figured I’d try and salvage what I can before it gets crushed.

Car Vehicle Gauge Motor vehicle Steering part

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive tire

Motor vehicle Vehicle Window Car Vehicle door

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Steering part Steering wheel

Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive exterior

List of things I need to grab:

-rad overflow tank
-brake fluid res cap/sensor/plug/wire
-strut caps
-interior window scrapers
-window cranks
-roof grab handle

-alt bracket
-a/c compressor
-a/c evaporator
-a/c lines
-hvac controls

-Hazard light switch/plug/pigtail
-potential interest in side skirts (take picture)

Radio delete panel
Door radio grills

Side skirt clips
Drivers front wheel surround/skirt