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After my little fender-bender, I have been thinking of replacing the square headlights with mk1 rounds.
I found the vintage waterworks tutorial: http://www.vintagewatercooleds...s.htm
I can't figure out why he felt the need to cut up two sets of supports. Why not just use one set? The high beams stick out a bit on the mk1 just like on the mk2. My eye-ball-calipers say the amount of stick out is about the same... Is it because he was using the rabbit/jetta grill? I am thinking of just using an expanded metal grill (ghetto), unless I can find mk1 grill I can mess with.
On the other hand, it seems wasteful to hack up both the mk1 buckets and the mk2 so I can fit the turn signals (no way I am going down the rabbit hole required to get the mk1 turns to fit).
On the gripping hand, I'm flat broke till the tax refund comes in the middle of next month.

edit: pics for clicks


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