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MK2 spring choices??

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OK I'm getting some Bilstein sports, I'd like a 1.5-2" drop, what options do I have for progressive springs I don't want HoR or Nuespeed due to sagging stories I've heard. A 1" drop is fine too so far I have Eibach in mind any others? What are you guys running? MK2 16V BTW
Any one using Suspension techniques?
Oh yea I chose Bilstein because the 1year old boge pro gas's are shot and the Konis adjustables were dead that were in my car when I bought it. But the bilsteins that are 10!! years old in the rear are still nice.
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Re: MK2 spring choices?? (pastpargolf)

If you're lowering the car, the most popular choice is H&R. Potterman sells them at a good price, too.
I won't be lowering my car, so I may go with Shine, but I've changed my mind about eight times already.
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