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I already post this in the golfIII/JettaIII section but... I need some comeback from canadian dubers too....
I have seen that there is a lot of people on this forum on both side... Some with 1.8T and some with VR6 .... I'm tryin to save my money, to built a 1.8T or VR6 engine swap.... In fact, I was thinkin to swap to VR6, because a friend of mine can do the swap with brake and suspension conversion for 4000$cdn... And I'm plannin to go F/I with the vr6... I was interested in the 1.8T because it's already TURBO... But I would like to run a ~20lbs of boost with the 1.8T... But I have too many things to change to run that boost it will almost cost me twice my VR6 swap...
I REALLY need some help

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