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Ok, so i have a 98 Black MK3 that has the smooth rub strips down the side.
Well the driver side door is starting to come off. I've fixed this about 3-4 years ago with by removing the old adhesive, reapplying the new strip with double sided tap. It lasted a very long time in my opinion.
Now i rather do one of two things:
1.) Buy new molding for the driver side door, have it painted and then reattached.
2.) look at some textured rub strips instead for the car.
I am curious if anyone has ever attempted this, or has some pictures that I could view for reference. I would think the colors would be different enough to add a grey > black scheme to it. I could be wrong.
I just want to make sure that whatever I do that this 2nd time around the darn thing does not fall off again.
Please post some pictures, I will post some pictures when i get home of what the current molding looks like.
Thanks all!
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