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mk3 dreams...

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how many of you dream about your cars on a regular basis??
i have been, the latest couple i remember are
1. while driving i suddenly realize i have a black headliner (roofliner?), it surprises me!?, somehow i never noticed even after driving the car for a year...
2. while packing the car up for a trip i realize the right lift for my hatch is giving out and it kinda bums me out...but them of course i wake up.
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Re: mk3 dreams... (ninetyseven)

I frequently have dreams about turbo'ing my 2.0. Every one is the same too. I don't tell anybody in my club until after I've spanked all the VR6's. Hehehe.
Anybody seen the Beetle commercial where the car is dreaming about being in all kinds of different races? Then the sales guys wake it up in the morning.
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