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mk3 dreams...

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how many of you dream about your cars on a regular basis??
i have been, the latest couple i remember are
1. while driving i suddenly realize i have a black headliner (roofliner?), it surprises me!?, somehow i never noticed even after driving the car for a year...
2. while packing the car up for a trip i realize the right lift for my hatch is giving out and it kinda bums me out...but them of course i wake up.
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Re: mk3 dreams... (Mojoban)

after someone hit me in november i started having dreams about getting into accidents

very sad. otherwise, i've had a ton of dreams not directly relating to my car, but it would be different. you know how dreams are. like it would be a double yellow or blue lagoon or some funkier color than it is. or i'll have a dream that my mom got a brand new jetta VR6 or something haha. weird stuff.
volkswagens are definately an illness, and it's contagious
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Re: mk3 dreams... (JettaGLS)

quote:[HR][/HR]Anybody seen the Beetle commercial where the car is dreaming about being in all kinds of different races? Then the sales guys wake it up in the morning.
aww no i haven't! my fav is the one with the guy licking the jetta handle
that dealership is in jersey! haha, i'm such a dork.
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