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Mk3 Rally Golf (look) body kit...

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I saw a link on somebodies profile or sig that had a rally golf body kit (flaired fenders and qrt panels). Does anyone know what company produces it? Or have info on the kit. I think it was from BBM or something like that. I forgot to write it down when I saw it...
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Re: Mk3 Rally Golf (look) body kit... (NSKGTI23)

you are probably thinking of the kit from 1552designs.. its got bubbled out fenders front & rear
theres also an ABT widebody copy from bbr, that just has exaggerated fender flairs (like ones off of a corrado)
Re: Mk3 Rally Golf (Slayer)

Konigseder is the kit you want.
Re: Mk3 Rally Golf

Is there a website for bbr or any of these other companies. I know 1552's site... Just not the others...
Re: Mk3 Rally Golf

OK so half way down the page on http://www.dubtechnik.com/a3gtibody/index.html there is a rallye body kit. Any opinions?
Re: Mk3 Rally Golf (NSKGTI23)

The first is the ABT knockoff. Second is the Konigseider knockoff. Both kits look good. But I prefer the Abt style.
Re: Mk3 Rally Golf (NSKGTI23)

bbr ... http://www.bbrsportsline.com ... there page is under construction ... but contact info is there ..
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