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Hey guys, I just asked this in the A2 forum. It just hit me, I can post this in the brakes forum si here it goes.

I know you can use the entire A3 set-up on an A2, but how about using just the A3 calipers on the A2 set-up?
Thanks for the help guys.

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Re: Mk3 rear calipers on A2? (tram)

The carriers will mount the same to the stub axle,
Note the location of the brake fluid/soft line and the e-brake attachment points.
As these will be different between the chassis years.
A good example is when you hear people bleeding their rear calipers upside down.
A good rule of thumb is to try and stay near the same year with the donor as the recipent.
Always use the proper brake proportioning valve for rear disc.
And don't forget a fresh 22mm (or bigger) master cylinder.
Hope that helps.
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