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I had a thread back before the ish hit the fan so here's another diesel exhaust I made up for a friend recently.

MK3 TDI AHU, 2.5" 304SS, v-banded turbo-back, everything but the turbo flange is SS. flange sourced from TT. Thanks you Colin! All the bends and v-bands were sourced from Columbia River Mandrel Bending. They broke all of their 3.75" radius mandrels trying to bend the 180's. That's why there's so many 90's. :( SS wire from Amazon. Straight pipe and SS hanger rod from local welding shop.

Started with:

The car I used as a "jig", bought it with a seized motor just for this project:

8hours later, came out with this:

I gotta say, for the first time MIG welding SS with SS wire, it didn't come out to bad. Sure was a PITA to weld. Even with thorough prep work, it was fighting me the whole way. All joints were cleaned and wiped with wire brush and Acetone.

Sounds like a Mack dump truck. :laugh: Car has a chip and PP520's. Moved along quite well. Still waiting on the performance difference from the owner. Goal was to break the 50mpg mark, was around 47 before the exhaust. All he's said so far as that it spools much faster, and makes a steady 20psi. Used to spike to 20 and fade back to around 15-17.

C&C welcome. Sorry for the crappy pictures, camera is down, phone cam was all I've got for now.
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