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mk3 widebody

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ok i know konigseder makes a kit for the mk3 but i cant find any pics of it, i hurd that someone was making replicas of the A59 wide body and thats what im really interested in does anyone know the name of the companie?? thx for any feedback
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Re: mk3 widebody (Blak Golf)

i have the konigseder widebody kit. the ae59, i believe, there are only 3 ever made.
Re: mk3 widebody (Blak Golf)

BBr makes replicas of the ABT wide body kit. There were only 3 of the original A59 kits ever made. A couple of folks have had custom A59 style kits made but I haven't heard anything about someone making replicas of it for sale. Contact alphaqu2, he has a custom A59 style kit on his GTI. If you just wanna go wider you could always go with a set of widebody fender flares. Contact me if you'd like more info.
Are you looking for this?
This is a fiberglass version of the konigseder with extensive modifications on the fitment we did for a customer.

sorry pictures are bad, only ones I can find in digital format(on chicagovw.org website)
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