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Mk4 2.0 -- generator (battery light illuminated)

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heres what happened I accidently touched the intake manifold with the power source to the alternator. sparks flew for a few seconds than stopped.. ( battery was not disconnected, car not running either when it happened). i checked all fuses in dashboard. Car works fine but only the GENERATOR LIGHT REMAINS LIT??
please help!
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PART TWO: I discovered the 150 Amp bridge type fuse blew on the fuse box on top of the battery. So I modified the fuse to make contact with both posts.. Generator light went away!!!! This is only a temporary fix will this be safe for a few days?? Please Help
Re: (fourcylinderfrenzy)

Replace the blown fuse.
Re: (vasillalov)

I think the Alt fuse is 110 Amps not 150
Re: (gulash50)

I will replace it on Monday since the auto parts store is closed and the nearest dealer is a full days drive..
it is a 120 amp metal type fuse 150A s177 according to Bentley..
Is this a basic auto parts store part or dealer only?? Please help again and thanks for imput!! Everyone round hear drives old fords
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