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So after owning probably 7 VW's the wife and I decided to rebuild a few project cars. Some will be sold, some will be driven, some will be used strictly for audio build "How-To" vehicles. If you look at my 13 Jetta audio build, you will see some of the skills in the toolbox. What you will see here is full transparency. The good, the bad and the ugly... Have an MK4? follow along- everything from oil changes to replacing a windshield will be covered here!

15 years professional car audio, video, remote start installer- featured in Super Street Magazine
Lifetime car enthusiast
Lifetime detailing enthusiast 6 years professionally with a full service facility
Nationally certified detailing trainer, installer of ceramic coatings
Lifetime tint complete disdain for installing :ROFLMAO: Professionally installing for 3 years
10 year home theater professional installer
Lifetime OCD :LOL:
Hope you enjoy the thread and learn something! Feel free to contribute!

First one is a 2000 VW Jetta Gl automatic, 2.0L
So far we have done:

Replace front rotors and pads
Replace rear rotors and pads
Thorough interior ozone treatment and interior detail
Oil and filter change
Spark plugs replace
Spark plug wires replace
Pull, clean, degrease and glass bead upper and lower intake manifold
Replace front wheel well liners
Replace windshield (Bad Chip)
Swap trunklid
Replace wiper blades
Replace serpentine belt and tensioner
New front bumper lower splitter
Replace JETTA emblems
Replace keyfob
15% Tint on front and rear driver & passenger windows including rear window ( all windows pulled from vehicle for best results )
35% Ceramic tint on front windshield
Degrease underside of vehicle, and lower motor
Battery replace
Gloss black vinyl on B pillars exterior
Matte black hood wrap vinyl

- All work performed in house

Up next: audio system upgrade- The right way
Chase a coolant leak
Exterior finish polishing
Ceramic Coating

Will upload pics soon!
1 - 20 of 83 Posts
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