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Hey guys! I have a mk4 jetta 2.8 vr 24v. Im currently on TRUHART coilovers and Ive been driving pretty ****ing low with them and I even have the helper springs out and locking collars all the way down. Before you guys start insulting the fact that im on cheap coilovers, theyve honestly been great towards me and im not trying to achieve ride comfort, I just want to be static and low af. Its my summer car so it rlly doesnt matter.
But anyways I really love the tucked look and I want to tuck the rear as much as I can. I dont have the rear adjustment perches in the rear and with my 17s, Im just about tucking a little bit of the tire. The springs in the rears arent massive like JOMS or FK's and dont even recommend FK's cuz they blow after a bad bump. But anyways I want to tuck the rear as much as I can even if I have to do fabrication here and there. Im planning on ordering drop plates for the rear cuz i heard that they lower the rear a tad bit more and I do want -8 in the rear but with the tucked look.
If anyone has some ideas or suggestions please do lmk.
Thanks a bunch.
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