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Hello there I have 4 MK4 golfs and a mk7 sport wagon, I am moving to Australia for a job and so I am selling most of my cars and parts. I did a 6000usd order from ECS last year and so have plenty of new parts still and slightly used parts less then 5000 km on them. I am starting with the parts then will sell the working cars once I am closer to departure.

Here is a starting list, but I will be updating this thread as I pull parts/ get them organized.
Kijiji link to see the start of the new parts, I should have everything posted by the end of the week.

I am willing to work on prices more with people on the forum since this community has really helped me learn about the platform. I am in the city often so I can do delivery’s in the GTA for a small fee, or free if you spend more then 100.
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