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Re: mk4 intake on a mk3? (phil9922)

It is possible but is more than a simple bolt-on.
A) The throttle body is on the opposite side
B) The airbox is on the opposite side
C) The MKIV manifold was designed as a DBW Engine without a Throttle cable. You will need to make brackets to locate the cable.
D)You will need to devise up a way to control the Changeover valve.
E)You Can't use the MKIII Fuel Rail.
F) You will need to fab some support brackets
There are no real powergains to be had from doing this except for a broadened torque curve on the bottom end. Also the MKIV manifold is prone to Shifter Rod Failures so you would be adding maintenance items to your car.
I think that the Schrick VGI is a much better Option to MKIII Owners. It is completely bolt-on and does the same thing as the MKIV Manifold except that many guys have posted horsepower gains to go along with their broadened torque curve.
P.S. The RPM at which the Schrick VGI opens is easily adjustable.

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