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Hey guys, my spare keyfob has never worked since I bought my 03 Jetta wagon.

I've tried to start the car with the spare key and it will fire up but then shortly dies with an immobilizer icon on the dash.
From what I've read on the interwebs, the immobilizer in my key is fine but it seems to be that the circuitboard/rest of the fob is the issue.
I've played around with my main and spare key, swapping the batteries and back,bending the contact tabs up a bit but the spare fob won't light up at all when any of the buttons are pressed.

I decided to crack them open and noticed that both circuit boards look different, the one on the left if the spare and the one on the right is my main, working key.

Any ideas what I can do? Do I need to buy a new circuit board and reprogram it with my car for it to work?

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