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hi im a new member so i cant post pic or links yet.
if anyone is familiar with a 2004 mk4 r32 intake manifold i have questions about the bottom left nipple closest to the intake if you are looking at it from the back.
or if its on the car already the very bottom right nipple closest to intake.

so last year i had my flex pipe welded and i had the car sit. im restoring it now and i come across a vacuum leak. i thought it was the brake booster hose i taped last year so i replaced it. now i still hear it and found that the nipple on the back of the intake manifold is broken and has a screw in it and the hose with that valve is laying perfectly over it. which is how i missed it. its the bottom left nipple closest to the intake. i can only guess how it happened when the guy tried to weld the top of the flex pipe.

any ideas what the purpose of that nipple is ?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as what to do from here.

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