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so i have posted on here and gotten help with the beginning of my problem... i was drivin my car and the clutch pedal hit the floor and stayed. it turns out that Throw-out bearin blew up and left the clutch fork stuck open and was overextending the slave. so got a clutch fork care of speeding-g60, new flywheel, clutch kit, and slave cly. had it all taken apart and put back together and now its still doing the same thing as before.. what im tryin to find out is if the clutch fork could move out of line and cause the slave to miss.or what should i be lookin for...
also has been posted in the manul trans page but im lookin anywhere for any1 that could help figure out whats wrong with my car..tried to talk to the stealership but of course there answer consisted of its a 92$ fee for dignostics
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