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2006 GTI Mk5 2.0 FSI
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So about 2 months ago I bought this car (2006 GTI 85k miles) for my son and he wanted to get his cigarette lighter working and he put a 25amp fuse in F24 (data bus) in engine bay fuse box (not saying this was the issue). Then realized it was the wrong fuse box! Sometime after this the car would turn over and rev but immediately die. I noticed the gauges would not light up and when I hooked up an OBD reader it would not get any power.
I trailered it to a shop and they couldnt get computer to hook up so they referred me to a European mechanic. This guy said it was the instrument cluster that was bad and said I should send it to Speedo Solutions to be fixed. Had that done (bench tested fine) and put cluster back in to realize nothing changed. Car still starts but immediately dies and the gauges are not working (no lights except DRL). I replaced fuse 1 (data link) but that didn't work. I'm at a loss. I'm new to the world of VWs. Suggestions of where to check now?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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