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So, tonight my 2011 jetta base 2.0 decide to throw some warning lights. I had new brakes put on yesterday by a certified volkswagen tech plus a oil change. So tonight where i live i got a bunch of weather it started in the morning and i couldnt make it out of my driveway, so i backed down and took my other car. then tonight i tried to take it again and it wouldnt budge. i tried for 15 minutes to free my car ( Threw salt down dug around the tires everything to get it unstuck) next thing you know the dash light up like a Christmas tree. 4 lights came on, Airbag and seatbelt, traction control ABS and my TPMS sensor. what do i do? the car wont budge from the spot its in im thinking maybe the breaks locked up? HELP!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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