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Long story short... I have been hoarding parts that were going to go on my Golf TDI wagon, but with the settlement for the TDI's looming in a couple months, I'm either keeping it stock, or getting rid of it.

Thus, I have a lot of parts that I won't be needing. Some of these are from/for my old MK6 GTI, while some are wagon only.

Located in the GTA (border of Mississauga and Brampton, work in Oakville). Willing to ship at cost worldwide.

MANN cabin filter for Mk6 GTI, new in box - $15


Spare Titan Black Mk6 Glove box (minty) -$60.00

Mk6 Center console 'pod' (with the buttons, great for a custom switch project or something) -$20.00


Overhead pioneer screen.
Model AVR-W6100 (no wiring, it's an older Pioneer - I'm sure you can get the harnesses on eBay for cheap)$50.00 obo
Sorry, I described it as a dvd player initially. Alas, it's just a screen with headphone jacks and dome light.

Mk6 OEM Golf bumper (no cracks, currently dipped black, it's white underneath, was going to run it in the winter, with all grill inserts, and orange marker lights) - $200.00

Mk6 Lower Chrome Bumper Grill (never installed) -$80.00

Mk5/6 wagon Rear Hatch Accent Chrome Strip (it's OEM, and I don't believe these are made anymore, never installed) -$60.00

Link to the OEM VW listing: http://www.vwpartsandservice.ca/p/V...ook-Rear-Accent-Strip/63618424/1K9071360.html

Mk6 OEM GTD Badge (for honeycomb grill) - $25.00

Puddle Lights for Mk6 mirrors (the ones you use in this DIY) - $40.00

Round Yakima roof bars with faring - $50
- currently has feet kit for a Mazda protoge
- no keys - but you should be able to rekey if you really wanted too...

Can't find any part numbers either.... I suspect someone at rack attack could help. Faring is a 38" model. Not worth selling it separate (it's worth almost $100 on it's own... so take the racks too to get them out of my garage).

Lamin X
- Rear Bumper (wagon only, covers the top of the rear bumper for protection)- $25
- Door Cup protectors (fits any Mk5/6) - $15
- Fogs (smoke colour, Golf only)- $15


OEM BBS RS Freshly Refinished JollyPop Red Mettalic: Link $2200 with tires

First come first served - I'll mark interest as we go along.



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Hello, I'm interested in the shifter knob and the light switch. I live in Ocean City, Maryland. What do you think shipping would be??
Switch is currently waiting for payment, but if that falls through you are next in line.

For the knob on it's own, likely about $10 (Canadian) shipped without tracking and insurance, and $15 (Canadian) for tracking and insurance too.

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Stuff I bought came in great shape. I may not even use the umbrella since this Bing even had the tag on it still lol. Wow. Good fast shipping. Good guy to deal with! Let's get his stuff sold!

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